With a broad-based business acumen as my foundation, I lead and mentor a diverse cadre of experts with a balanced discipline of creativity and sensibility. My skills set and spirited approach enable me to keep an eye on market position and strategy continuum while nurturing fresh, results-oriented ideas. I oversee the strategic planning, creative development, production, and execution of multiple marketing efforts across varied channels, helping to increase revenue streams, engagement, and awareness. 

As a seasoned and influential creative and marketing professional and educator, my focus is on the development of innovative branding and marketing strategies. By mixing sound strategy with sophisticated creativity, I inspire B2B and B2C markets to stop, look, listen, and act. I have been the architect of multi-million dollar campaigns and programs, successfully enhancing my clients’ image, uniquely positioning their products, ideas, and services, and increasing sales through inventive methods. 

Jim Van Meer
At the intersection of design thinking and design doing.